Ensuring quality job growth and
sustainable economic development.

Our workforce development plan is designed to develop and implement a comprehensive set of STEM programs to increase the number of students who pursue and obtain college degrees with STEM majors and college-level, STEM-based professional job training and certification.

Increasing public interest and confidence
in diverse energy and power sources.

We develop and distribute engaging content to help promote public awareness and support for alternative energy sources throughout Kentucky.

Blogs and E-Newsletters

Blogs and E-Newsletters

We periodically publish short articles online, in the Kentucky NSF EPSCoR e-newsletter, and distribute press releases across the commonwealth.

Video Features

Video Features

Kentucky NSF EPSCoR produces and broadcasts freely available online video features that showcase the success of our research initiatives.

Education, Outreach, and Diversity

Education, Outreach, and Diversity

Kentucky NSF EPSCoR hosts several education, outreach, and diversity events each year designed to increase STEM involvement and impact, including engaging teachers.

Core Graduate Research Program (CGRP)

Kentucky NSF EPSCoR’s Core Graduate Research Program trains graduate students to be better prepared for careers in energy.

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Kentucky NSF EPSCoR’s programs provide undergraduate students with enhanced research and learning experiences, designed to support their STEM education.

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Funding Opportunities

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