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KAMPERS Seed Funding Program

The KY NSF EPSCoR Seed-Funding Program supports transformative solutions and innovative uses of KAMPERS Research Themes

Request for Proposals

Grants and awards are intended to support high-risk, high reward projects that will support future submission of research proposals to NSF or other federal agencies.

Please submit completed proposals by May 15, 2021 for projects starting on or after July 1, 2021. View RfP Announcement

Proposal Templates

KY NSF EPSCoR requires the use of standardized template forms for all sections of submitted proposals.

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Submit Your Proposal to KY NSF EPSCoR
Does this proposal include human or animal research subjects?If yes, include institutional IRB/ IACUC approval letter with the application.

ALL supported projects must be aligned with the current themes of KY NSF EPSCoR research: 

For RA applicants, this will require showing how proposed work will directly support the research activities of the main thrusts:

For URE and EI proposals, this requires that the students supported will be involved in any of:

a) additive manufacturing of embedded devices,
b) robotics and human-machine interface, or
c) synthetic biology and plant-based materials

All K-12 activities, EOC and M-G awards, the proposed activity must relate to:

a) additive manufacturing
b) sensing,
c) robotics, or
d) plant-based materials

Select the KY NSF EPSCoR research thrust(s) this proposal supports
A complete proposal consist of two (2) components:
Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single combined PDF document with any graphics embedded in the document. The PDF file should be no larger than 25MB and organized in the following order: (1) Cover Sheet (2) Project Summary (3) Project Description (4) Budget (5) Budget Justification (6) Current & Pending Support (7) Biosketch.
1. A combined PDF file of the complete proposal
2. Proposed budget as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx extension only)
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  • All NSF proposals are evaluated through use of two National Science Board approved merit review criteria: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts. NSF EPSCoR also requires the additional criteria of research alignment to specific objectives of certain programs and activities of KY NSF EPSCoR. Read more about NSF Merit Review Principles here and here.


  • When evaluating proposals, KY NSF EPSCoR reviewers will be asked to consider what the proposers want to do, why they want to do it, how they plan to do it, how they will know if they succeed, and what benefits could accrue if the project is successful. These issues apply both to the technical aspects of the proposal and the way in which the project may make broader contributions. View our rubric here
  • Individuals at Kentucky’s private and public institutions, as well as Science & Technology businesses with an operating presence in Kentucky are eligible to submit proposals.


  • Applications to all programs should include requests for federally-negotiated institutional F&A/indirect costs. Maximum budget request amounts indicated apply to direct costs. F&A costs can be added to these direct cost maximums.


  • Submission of a future research proposal application to the National Science Foundation is an obligation of RA awardees.


  • Funds cannot be awarded for time periods beyond 6/30/2022.


  • Only one application per investigator per program per year is allowed.


  • All awardees and funded participants are obligated to provide reporting about the outcomes of their KY NSF EPSCoR-supported projects.


  • Each institution that applies for financial assistance from the KY NSF EPSCoR must have a formal institutional plan to provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers participating in the proposed research project. KY NSF EPSCoR must receive verification and notification that participants on supported project have received appropriate training consistent with their established institutional policies.


  • Foreign travel cannot be proposed.


  • Any request for computers must receive approval from KY NSF EPSCoR Administrator Jeff Mossey prior to submission of the proposal, or the proposal will be returned without review.


  • Any proposal submitted to KY NSF EPSCoR and declined for funding can be modified and resubmitted the next year (program  cycle) but if declined more than once, can’t be submitted again.


  • SWAG items such as t-shirts, gifts, souvenirs, and other memorabilia are not typically considered allowable costs.

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