Sewing the Seeds of
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The Research Enhancement Grant is designed to help faculty start exploring interesting research ideas that would be competitive as a future proposal submitted directly to the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Seed funding for future NSF success.

KY NSF EPSCoR provides faculty seed-funding for research projects with the goal of enabling future proposal applications submitted to the NSF. Submission of a future research proposal application to the National Science Foundation is an obligation of REG awardees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Research Enhancement Grant (REG)?

The Research Enhancement Grant (REG) supports seed-funding science faculty at Kentucky’s primarily undergraduate institutions.  Awards are intended to help faculty start exploring interesting research ideas that would be competitive as a future proposal submitted directly to the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Submitting a follow-on research proposal directly to NSF is required of all REG awardees.

What is the maximum request amount for REG funds?

Maximum request is $25,000 of direct costs. Institutional indirect costs can be added.

What kinds of costs can be covered by REG awards?

Some examples of requested budget items include: research materials and supplies, student participant support and summer support for off-contract faculty time committed to the proposed research.  Other research-enabling financial requests may be proposed within REG applications if sufficiently justified and appropriate.

Can UK or UofL participants apply for REG funding?

REG applications are not accepted from the University of Kentucky or the University of Louisville.

When are REG applications accepted?

REG applications are accepted in June of 2017.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Applications to all 2016-2017 programs should include requests for federally-negotiated institutional F&A/indirect costs. Maximum budget request amounts indicated apply to direct costs. F&A costs can be added to these direct cost maximums.


  • Funds cannot be awarded for time periods beyond 7/31/17.


  • Only one application per investigator per program per year is allowed.


  • All awardees and funded participants are obligated to provide reporting about the outcomes of their KY NSF EPSCoR-supported projects. More information regarding reporting obligations will be provided to awardees at a later date.


  • Each institution that applies for financial assistance from the KY NSF EPSCoR must have a formal institutional plan to provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers participating in the proposed research project. KY NSF EPSCoR must receive verification and notification that participants on supported project have received appropriate training consistent with their established institutional policies.


  • Foreign travel can’t be proposed.


  • Any request for computers must receive approval from prior to submission of the proposal, or the proposal will be returned without review.


  • Any proposal submitted to KY NSF EPSCoR and declined for funding can be modified and resubmitted the next year (program  cycle) but if declined more than once, can’t be submitted again.

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