Research Scholars Program
Kentucky NSF EPSCoR's Research Scholar's Program provides funding opportunities for faculty-mentored research projects for underrepresented undergrad students in STEM fields.
NSF-funded Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE3) Workshop to be held May 21-24, 2017
Defining and Refining the Energy-Water-Food (EWF) Nexus.
EPSCoR Internship Program
The Kentucky NSF EPSCoR Program has funded two undergraduate research internships at the Lexington, KY-based tech startup, PowerTech Water, LLC.
Dr. Isabel Escobar Receives I-Corps Award from NSF
The I-Corps program encourages scientists to explore ways in which they can transform their research into entrepreneurial opportunities.
Supporting Undergraduate Research
Kentucky NSF EPSCoR supports undergraduate research in the Morris lab at Northern Kentucky University.