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KY NSF EPSCoR Demographic Reporting


Collection of this information is authorized by the NSF Act of 1950, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 1861, et seq. Demographic data allows NSF to gauge whether our programs and other opportunities in science and technology are fairly reaching and benefiting everyone regardless of demographic category; to ensure that those in under-represented groups have the same knowledge of and access to programs and other research and educational oppurtunities; and to assess involvement of international investigators in work supported by NSF. The information may be disclosed to government contractors, experts, volunteers and researchers to complete assigned work; and to other government agencies in order to coordinate and assess programs. The information may be added to the Reviewer file and used to select potential candidates to serve as peer reviewers or advisory committee members. See Systems of Records, NSF-50, "Principal Investigator/Proposal File and Associated Records", 63 Federal Register 267 (January 5, 1998), and NSF-51, "Reviewer/Proposal File and Associated Records", 63 Federal Register 268 (January 5, 1998).

A Note from KY NSF EPSCoR:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The question here replicate NSF's demographic survey (2020) and we recognize that aspects of this survey may not accurately reflect academic understanding of the concepts they are meant to measure, such as gender. Participants who find a conflict between the options in this survey and their identity may choose to leave any demographic field blank. 

A comment box has been added to the bottom of this survey to collect additional information you wish to share about your identity or thoughts on data capture that you would like passed on to NSF EPSCoR leadership. You matter, your identity matters. 

GenderHow do you identify?
EthnicityChoose one response
Raceselect one or more
Disability StatusDisabilities may include, but are not limited to: hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility or orthopedic impairment, other serious disability related to a mental or emotional condition
Student Information
Are you a first-generation college student?
Are you from an Appalachian County?For a list of Appalachian counties, please visit this link: http://www.arc.gov/counties
Graduate Study Year
UG Class
Please indicate years in which you've received EPSCoR Support:Select all that apply
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