Connecting Students with Successful Science
and Tech Companies in Kentucky

The EPSCoR Internship Program supports hands-on learning experiences for Kentucky undergraduate students, while also providing a valuable workforce pipeline to science and technology companies across the commonwealth.

We work to kickstart STEM careers.

KY NSF EPSCoR provides financial support for Kentucky postsecondary undergraduate students to sponsor their internship experience with science and tech companies with an operating presence in Kentucky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the funds distributed?

Awarded applications to companies not affiliated with the University of Kentucky (UK) will be established as subcontracted awards.  UK-affiliated companies (e.g., ASTeCC, Coldsteam Research Campus, etc.) receiving awards will not be subcontracted; instead, students will be paid directly from the University of Kentucky and will be required to submit biweekly timesheets and complete the necessary paperwork to be added to the UK payroll system.

What is the suggested internship pay rate?

A suggested internship pay rate is $15 per hour, but may need to be adjusted for institutional equity commensurate with applicant experience.

How long can the internship last?

The internship can support up to eight weeks at full-time effort (40 hours per week). The actual hours per week and the specific weeks chosen within the prescribed window are left up to the applicants.

What is the time window in which the internship must occur?

The internship must occur between April 1, 2017 and July 31, 2017.

How is student time recorded?

Awarded UK applicants will complete the employee timesheet found here: http://www.uky.edu/hr/employment/forms/steps-timesheet.  The payroll schedules that prescribe the timing for submitting these are found here: http://www.uky.edu/EVPFA/Controller/payroll.htm.  Timesheets should be signed by the mentor/supervisor and then forwarded as a scanned email attachment to Dr. Czar Crofcheck (crofcheck@uky.edu). Non-UK awardees are permitted to track student effort independently.

What are the reporting obligations of awarded applicants?

Funded applicants, both the student intern and the mentor/supervisor, are expected to each independently write and submit a brief end-of-project report summarizing their thoughts on the internship, discussing the projects they worked on, and providing any suggestions about how the program and experience might be improved in the future.  These reports should be submitted directly to Dr. Czar Crofcheck at crofcheck@uky.edu.

How can I find students/companies to partner with for this internship opportunity?

The application requirements assume both the company and the student(s) are already known to each other.  If that isn’t the case, interested parties are welcome to submit their respective parts of an application to Dr. Czar Crofcheck at crofcheck@uky.edu.  If doing so, companies should specify educational expectations and students should indicate their areas of interest.  KY NSF EPSCoR will attempt to contact participants with matching interests so that a complete application can be developed.  A matching of interests cannot be assured and should not be expected.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Applications to all 2016-2017 programs should include requests for federally-negotiated institutional F&A/indirect costs. Maximum budget request amounts indicated apply to direct costs. F&A costs can be added to these direct cost maximums.


  • Applications for EI/RSP will be accepted anytime in February 2017.


  • Funds cannot be awarded for time periods beyond 7/31/17.


  • Only one application per investigator per program per year is allowed.


  • All awardees and funded participants are obligated to provide reporting about the outcomes of their KY NSF EPSCoR-supported projects. More information regarding reporting obligations will be provided to awardees at a later date.


  • Each institution that applies for financial assistance from the KY NSF EPSCoR must have a formal institutional plan to provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers participating in the proposed research project. KY NSF EPSCoR must receive verification and notification that participants on supported project have received appropriate training consistent with their established institutional policies.


  • Foreign travel can’t be proposed.


  • Any request for computers must receive approval from epscor@uky.edu prior to submission of the proposal, or the proposal will be returned without review.


  • Any proposal submitted to KY NSF EPSCoR and declined for funding can be modified and resubmitted the next year (program  cycle) but if declined more than once, can’t be submitted again.

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