Kentucky NSF EPSCoR is now accepting applications for its Annual Awards program supporting scientists, educators, and companies across the Commonwealth. Discover which of our funding programs is right for you. The deadline to apply is Saturday, August 31st, 2019.


NSF EPSCoR now requires that ALL supported projects be aligned with KY NSF EPSCoR’s current research themes. Applicants must submit a statement relating proposed work current KY NSF EPSCoR research themes: http://kynsfepscor.org/initiatives


The areas of work we can support will be interpreted broadly, but you must be able to show a clear, direct, and convincing connection to our research themes.


Research Awards

Research Awards provide seed funding to support high-risk, high-impact and transformative research efforts as well as novel education and training enhancements. Synergy and partnership with established researchers and industry will be especially encouraged. Research Awards can be used as seed-funding for faculty research projects or to support new-hire (january 2018 hire or after), research-active Kentucky faculty, with the goal of enabling future proposal applications submitted to the NSF. Submission of a future research proposal application to the National Science Foundation is an obligation of Research Awardees. NSF MRI applications do NOT meet this requirement. No UK or UofL applications are accepted but collaboration with these institutions is encouraged.

Maximum application request = $50,000.

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Education, Outreach and Communications Award (EOC)

The Education, Outreach and Communications Award provides financial support for STEM education, outreach and communication events and activities aimed at Kentucky’s diverse populations.

Maximum application request = $10,000.

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Mini-Grants will be awarded to URM-serving STEM programs to support collaboration, address gaps and overlaps in service, and share exemplary practices. Mini-grants are a small amount of seed funding and are not intended to fully fund entire projects, but instead leverage other partners’ financial contributions.

Maximum application request = $1,600.

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Undergraduate Research Experience (URE)

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program provides financial support for faculty-mentored research projects for underrepresented undergrad students in STEM fields. Funding should support student(s) (up to two students per application if working on the same project, but each student should have individual responsibilities explained in the proposal application). Proposed activities should be developed in collaboration with a mentoring faculty member and the application should be submitted by the faculty member at the organization where the award would be administered.

Maximum application request = $7,500/student

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EPSCoR Internship (EI)

The EPSCoR Internship program provides financial support for Kentucky postsecondary undergraduate students to sponsor their internship experience with science and tech companies with an operating presence in Kentucky.

Maximum application request = $6,000/intern

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Full Proposal Deadline Date:  August 31, 2019


For more information, please review the official solicitation for proposals.

KY NSF EPSCoR Funding Opportunities

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