See Blue STEM Camp at UK
The See Blue STEM Camp at the University of Kentucky aims to to expose students to a variety positive learning experiences and career options in the STEM fields.
New Reporting Procedures for
KY NSF EPSCoR Participants
Kentucky NSF EPSCoR has recently updated its procedures for collecting reporting outcomes.
Kentucky NSF EPSCoR
Developing long-term improvements in scientific discovery, innovation and education throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Super Collider Event Celebrates KY NSF EPSCoR-Funded Graduate Students
On Friday, February 26th, Kentucky NSF EPSCoR hosted Super Collider, a graduate student conference celebrating the success of Kentucky NSF EPSCoR-funded participants within the Core Graduate Research Program.
KY NSF EPSCoR-Supported Scientist Featured in NSF's 'Science of Innovation' Series
Dr. Angelique Johnson serves as the CEO of MEMStim, a company innovating how electrode arrays in cochlear implants are manufactured.
Research Scholars Program
Kentucky NSF EPSCoR's Research Scholar's Program provides funding opportunities for faculty-mentored research projects for underrepresented undergrad students in STEM fields.